How Drop Bear Storage caravan pockets came into existence.


Have you ever looked and looked for something that you really need but no one makes what it is that you want? Hours are spent trawling the internet, making phone calls to people who you think should stock what you need, of course they don't and you keep hitting dead ends?

This was us. So frustrating! All we wanted was something to put our personal things in next to our bed in our caravan. Now anyone who knows caravans knows that they come with these great vinyl pockets to slide things in to. Vinyl is the perfect choice for traveling because not only is it hard wearing and extremely durable, but you can wipe it too, which makes it the perfect travel medium for all environments.

At this stage we decided to take the bull by the horns and try to get our thoughts onto paper and make a demo pattern. My Mum helped us out here, and by using material we managed to get a prototype made that was pretty decent so that we could show to a professional. Next, we made some calls to local sewing businesses. Right from the outset we wanted everything to be locally sourced and made, it was really important to us given the instability around the world, we just wanted to be able to design and finish what we started here, in Australia. The final pockets are all put together by hand by us.

After lots of design discussions, tweaking and samples, colour matching and Velcro testing, we finally arrived at the 2-pocket storage item that we have recently launched. We are really happy with what we have achieved, and now have a wider range of pockets available and we're very excited about what we have created. We hope that everyone who has been searching for an item like this, and making do with substandard material type storage, will be happy with the quality and functionality that these two pockets offer.

Australian Handmade, Australian Owned.